Drummoyne Skin and Body Clinic is a one stop clinic where we can provide treatments, massage and reflexology, waxing and tinting under the one roof.

Childrens Massage

  • A wonderful stress-buster for children.
  • Helps children feel happier, improves their mood and they appear more relaxed and calm.
  • Techniques used are gentle and relaxing covering feet, legs, hands, back and head.
  • Children frequently fall asleep during treatment.
  • Touch is essential to a child’s development, sense of well-being and good health. Children reach out for touch as naturally as they do for food and water.
  • Very young children can be massaged whilst lying on their parents stomach or sitting on a knee.
  • Parents are requested to stay in the room with the child at all times during treatment.

Massage for Children with Special Needs and Chronic Illness

  • Stress has been identified as a major contributor to exacerbated symptoms in children with chronic illness.
  • Controlling stress is crucial for children with diabetes, asthma, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and skin problems.
  • Symptoms increase as stress hormone levels rise and in the case of diabetes and asthma, sometimes puts the child’s life at risk. Also, massage has been shown to improve blood sugar levels in diabetics, improve pulmonary function in asthmatics,decrease arthritic pain and improve skin condition in children with eczema
  • For children with cancer, massage is calming, reassuring and relieves anxiety
  • Coping with frequent hospitalisations, painful or uncomfortable treatments and restrictions on diet and daily activities can take its toll on the child (the patient), parents and siblings.
  • Massage has proven effective for psychological and behavioural problems: children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder exhibited less hyperactivity, more on-task behaviour and generally were happier through regular massage treatments; 
  • Autistic children, there can be a decrease in touch sensitivity and disruptive behaviour, with an increased ability to relate to others.

20 minutes – $35