Drummoyne Skin and Body Clinic is a one stop clinic where we can provide treatments, massage and reflexology, waxing and tinting under the one roof.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is the connective tissue of the body that forms a web like structure, whilst acting like a stocking supporting and keeping muscles in shape. Unlike muscles that are separate from each other, the fascia sacks join with each other - much like a blister medication pack, with muscles being the tablets and fascia, the blister capsule. During an injury or under emotional stress, the fascia tenses, tightens and thickens pulling muscles out of shape causing pain and physical restriction. 


By working on this soft tissue:

  • Fascia is stretched, softened and thinned to bring it back to a position of balance and good functionality.
  • A feeling of freedom of movement and deep relaxation is experienced.


60 minutes – $95       90 minutes – $140