Drummoyne Skin and Body Clinic is a one stop clinic where we can provide treatments, massage and reflexology, waxing and tinting under the one roof.



  • An ancient foot treatment first recorded in 2330 BC in Egypt, using the premise that feet mirror the challenges taking place within the body.
  • All the organs, glands and muscles are joined to points on the feet by pathways called meridians – 7,200 nerve endings in each foot correspond to every part of the human body.
  • Stimulation of the responsive points on the feet promotes wellbeing and relaxation while relieving health challenges – headache, back and neck ache, poor circulation, over tiredness, menstrual cramp or pain, sight and hearing problems, sinusitis, colds and sore throat, kidney and bladder discomfort, and many more.
  • Supporting balance, comfort and healing within the body’s systems, you are left feeling relaxed and calm or energised and rejuvenated.


60 minutes – $90